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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

14 April 2014

So the biggest news this week... TRANSFERS. 

And I continue here in Padua B, but this time with Hermana Espinoza.

Transfers can be difficult, and I would be lying if I said that I don`t miss working with Hermana Morales a little bit, but Hermana Espinoza is great.

Hermana Espinoza is 23 years old and joined the church 6 years ago, along with her younger sister.  She`s the first and only missionary in her family.  Her story is very inspirational in that she has really kept firm in the faith and is a great example. I`m learning a lot from her about humility and love, two of the attributes of Christ that I would like to develop more.  So I`m sure there are lots of things we are going to learn together.

Also, this is her first transfer as sister training leader, so I`m also in charge of training her and getting her all ready for our first divisions that should be this week.

In other news, we invited one of our investigators, Silvana, to be baptized this week!  She is super great.  She`s seriously one of the smartest people that I`ve taught and she has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy.  It was a little bit complicated, because before she wasn`t too interested in baptism, because she felt like it was a very big commitment, but this time around she`s much more prepared and really feels like this is the time for her.

Also, speaking of incredible people, my dear friend, Marco, who got baptized two weeks ago, received the priesthood this weekend!  It`s so great to see the incredible progress that he has had in the time that I`ve known him.  I love seeing his energy and excitement for the gospel.  Oh, and he already wants to receive his patriarchal blessing.. did I mention that?  Receiving the priesthood is one step closer to that for him.  He`s great.

Also, fun fact:  it`s been super cold this week.  I forgot about how bitter the winter here is... I thought I would have some sort of transition between summer and winter, but it`s been pretty abrupt.  And so it begins, my year-long winter.  Woo hoo!

But that`s all for now.  Love you all!

Hermana Walton