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Monday, October 14, 2013

14 October 2013

Hellllllooooo, family and friends!

So I just found out today that this transfer is going to be 7 weeks long, instead of 6, but we´re going to see some crazy changes coming up soon!  Buenos Aires Oeste will be receiving 38 new missionaries this transfer, so it is VERY unlikely that Hermana De Leon and I will pass another transfer together.  It´s also likely that we could be training or taking over a new area.  And here I am, comfortable in my little branch in Junin, doing what we do here.  We´ll see what happens next!

This week was kind of a crazy one.  Hermana De Leon and I have been working real hard, and we feel like we´ve been running from one end of our area to the other, because our investigators right now are pretty scattered abroad.  But it´s good, because we´re working hard! 

The best news is that we should be having two baptisms this weekend, for Rocio and Karina, a mother and daughter that we´ve been teaching for a couple of months now.  They´re super great.  Rocio has 5 children, Karina is the second.  The oldest daughter doesn´t have too much interest for now and the other children are 4 years old, 2 years old, and 2 months old.   They basically feel like family for us now.

Our district leader challenged us this week to share with our family a spiritual experience this week, if we don´t have a habit of doing so.  I like to think that I try to do that, but to be more specific, here is one.  This week we had a lesson with a woman who had had lots of difficulties in her life and through the course of that, she turned away from her faith.  Now that she has worked to regain her faith, she feels as though the her past is unpardonable.  We explained to her that, while justice may demand that she be punished for her past, the mercy of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is what should bring her comfort in this time, knowing that if she is truly repentant, all is forgiven.  I know that it really is through the Atonement that all of our pains and afflictions, every downfall in our life, is made better. 

In 2 Nephi 9:18, it speaks of those who carry heavy burdens, but endure them well.  It says that their joy will be full.  I know that´s true.  It doesn´t matter what we experience in this time- if we are faithful, our joy will be made full forever.

On that note, I hope you all have a lovely week!  I send my love!

Hermana Walton

Friday, October 11, 2013

7 October 2013

So this week was GREAT.  Why was it great?  Because it was GENERAL CONFERENCE!  And there´s no weekend better than that for a missionary.  Why?  Because we get to tell everyone about the opportunity that they have to listen to the voice of a prophet. Even if we gave out more than 150 invitations and we only had 5 investigators come to the conference, it was a beautiful weekend.

Before conference this week was a bit rough.  Hermana De Leon and I were working really hard, but ultimately it was a week of a good amount of closed doors and hung up phones. But that´s not what matters.  What matters is that despite all that, we saw some success, and that success is so much sweeter than the bitter of rejection. Our investigators that came really enjoyed the conference.

This week we went to Chivilcoy again for a zone meeting.  Our zone leaders gave us a lot of advice on how we can gauge our success as missionaries, which helped me a lot.  As missionaries, sometimes we are rejected and people don´t want to talk to us.  Sometimes the people with whom we visit decide that they don´t want to visit with us anymore.  Sometimes we invite people to church and when we pass by their house Sunday morning, they don´t answer the door. But that´s because they have their free agency, to decide for themselves.  If they don´t want our help, we can´t help them, and we can´t judge ourselves off of that.  All we have to do is assure that we´re giving it our best.

Along that same theme, there was a talk this weekend in General Conference by David M. McConkie, who reminded us that as teachers (or as missionaries) we are called to be representatives of Christ and act as He would act- nothing more, nothing less.  If that´s what we´re doing, we don´t have to doubt that we´re doing the right thing and giving it our all.

Anyways, other than all that, Spring is in full swing here now!  It´s a beautiful, sunny day, but give it another few days and I´m afraid I might be dying of heat stroke.  We´ll see how the summer goes.

I believe that´s all for this week!

Hermana Walton

30 September 2013 - general letter

How fast has gone by this month!  I can hardly believe that tomorrow begins October.

This week has been an interesting one, possibly one of the most roller-coaster weeks of the mission.  Hermana De Leon and I have been working like crazy women, trying to find new investigators and see some progress with them.  On Tuesday of this week, we had 8 lessons in one day.  That´s sort of a huge amount.  But on Sunday, when it came to sacrament meeting, we didn´t have a single investigator come.  We´re working hard to find out how we can motivate them to come to church... that seems to be the real challenge. I love Argentina, but the people here are notoriously lazy.

But who is ridiculously excited for general conference this weekend?  This sister!  It´s great, because there are 4 sessions, so more people can come, at different times!  And also, it´s just a great thing to invite investigators to.  Hermana De Leon and I are so excited to fill the church with people this week.

In this last week we had 14 new investigators, but there was one that was probably my favorite.  Her name is Yisella, and she loves to study history and cultures.  She has done all sorts of research of different cultures of the world and is really interested in learning more about her ancestors.  I´m pretty sure we were super good friends before this life.  I´m also pretty sure that she would absolutely love the Book of Mormon.  Unfortunately the lesson we had with her was pretty short, but we´re going to visit with her this week, and hopefully we´ll be able to help her learn more about the history of South America!

Anyways, I´m quickly running out of time, so that´s all for this week!  Hope everyone is well, and enjoy conference!

Hermana Walton

30 September 2013

The mission teaches you what you can and can´t eat from off the street.

They´re called misporos.

23 SEPTEMBER 2013 - General Letter

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite little sister, Macalla!  I can´t believe she´s already 17!  Where did the years go....

Speaking of time flying by, this week I will hit my 6-month mark of my time in the mission.  And according to my ministerial certificate, I should be released from my calling as a missionary on this date in exactly one year.  That´s really not too much time left in the mission!  1/3 gone.  I´ve got to make the best of my time here!

This week was kind of a crazy one.  Hermana De Leon and I had been working a lot in a very small part of our area last transfer, so this last week we decided to open a new part of our area and expand our efforts.  We spent several days just knocking doors and looking for new investigators to teach.  Those days can be pretty tiring, but we´ve seen some good potential in some of our investigators and are excited to continue working in that area. 

But one night we were out working and it had been quite the day.  We found a few new investigators and were headed to an appointment about 30 blocks away.... when we had a bike accident.  The breaks on Hermana De Leon´s bike were faulty and when I stopped at the curb, she ran into the back of my bike and went hurling foward, landing sprawled out on the pavement.  Luckily there was no more damage than a few bruises.  But the back of my bike was pretty damaged, so I ended up carrying the back of my bike for 25 blocks until we arrived at the bike shop of a member.  Needless to say, we missed our appointment for the night, and we both ended up feeling pretty sore by the end of it, but at least it´s an interesting story to tell.

Anyways, we´re still working hard in Junin.  Although we´ve had some problems with bringing our investigators to church- which is ultimately how they are going to progress- we´re working hard to improve that.  Because of the lack of church attendance, it doesn´t look like we´re going to baptize this month, but we´ve got big plans for the month of October.  The work continues on.  That´s something kind of interesting about the work-- we´re always planning ahead, for the next day, next week, next month, that sometimes it´s hard to remember what the date actually is.  But we have lots to do and only a short time to do it, so we press forward!

I hope everyone is well and I send my love!

Hermana Walton

23 September 2013

Like how to fix your bicycle,

and how to shine your shoes,

and how to cook Guatemalan food.

15 September 2013

How to make two sister missionaries ridiculously happy:

1.  Dig up a part of your garden that contains their favorite flowers and give it to them as a gift.
2.  Accept an invitation to listen to them the next week.

Okay, honestly, lots of people do the second part, but it´s not every day that little old men in Argentina give you a Forget-me-not plant.   Needless to say, I walked all the way home with a huge grin on my face and my hands full of flowers.  The best.

News for the transfers:  Hermana De Leon and I are together again here in Junin!  Wooooo!  I love this area.

This week  the weather here has been a bit bipolar, which has made the work interesting.  We had a day where we thought we were going to die of heat stroke, and then two days later we brought out all of our winter  clothes again.  What´s up, Argentina?  How about you decide what time of year it is?  We´ve been trying to decide which is better... the freezing rain, or the blistering sun and wind.  But it doesn´t matter, in both situations, we don´t like to  ride bikes, so we were on foot for most of this week.

Being on foot means that we only covered a small part of our area.  I´m pretty sure that we´ve knocked almost every door exists in that area.... so it´s time to branch out a bit.  That´s our goal for this week, to work in different areas.  But I still love that area, because all the  neighborhood kids know us and we´ve actually taught a few of their families that way.  Now whenever we pass by they ask us if they can ride our bicycles... we only let them once!

Anyways, hope you all are well.  The work continues here in Junin.  Love you all!

Until next week,
Hermana Walton

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