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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

This has been a great week!

First of all, we had a day of rain, which was really beautiful... I´ve missed those grey Oregon skies.  The only problem is that now it´s humid and it´s actually pretty warm today.  I´m not quite ready for that.

This week our district leader had his birthday, so we had a little celebration for him, which was a blast.  One of the sisters in our district is from Mexico, so she made burritos... first time I´ve had anything like that in a long time.  Argentines don´t like spicy food.

And the best news of all... we found an incredible new family that we´re teaching... 10 of them!  Okay, so it´s a family and their cousins, but it´s so great to see them all!  And get this- the parents are MARRIED! Woooo!  That´s an anomoly and a half here in Argentina.  But they´re super receptive of our message and always have a ton of great questions.  And all of them are super excited to read the Book of Mormon and actually follow through with their commitments.  It´s a miracle.

This week is transfers, but we still don´t know what´s going to happen.  We´re going to get a call today to know if we need to buy tickets to travel to Ramos Mejia, but we won´t find out until tomorrow night which one of us goes.  I hope I stay here because I absolutely love Junín.  Everyone here is super friendly and just great.

Dog?  Or is it?

Anyways, that´s basically it for this week. But I send my love!

Hermana Walton
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September 2, 2013

Feliz Septiembre!  I can hardly believe how fast the time is flying... we only have one more week in this transfer, and I´m hoping that I´ll keep here in Junín.  I really love it here.
This week was a bit crazy... we lost quite a bit of time to work because we had to travel to Ramos Mejia on Sunday, and then on Monday we travelled to Chivilcoy for a Zone Conference, and then finally returned to our own area in the evening on Tuesday.  By the time we finally got back to our area we were exhausted from too much time sleeping on floors and in colectivos, but happy to get back to work.  
So I´ve been getting a lot of emails over the last few weeks with requests to know more about what I´m doing here in Argentina. If anyone has specific questions that they would like answered, pregunteme!  I am happy to respond to any questions. 
This week Hermana De Leon and I officially became Argentinas.  As I mentioned last week, Hermana De Leon finally took care of her Argentine ID, but even more important than that, we MADE EMPANADAS for the first time this week!  Woo!  Other than that, we mainly just ate a lot of gnocchis, because it´s the end of the month and that´s all we could afford to make. Nevertheless, they are delicious!
As far as the work goes, this week Hermana De Leon and I decided to start visiting less-active members of the church... we have probably about 15 active members in the church, but we have probably a few hundred inactive members... so we have plenty of visits to make.  We found a great little family of 5 through our efforts with that, who we are now teaching.  The mother has a problem with smoking and for that didn´t feel comfortable in the iglesia, but she welcomed us into her house and was very happy to talk to us.  The youngest children are not baptized, but we set a date with them to be baptized at the end of this month.
Speaking of the end of this month, it´s almost Spring!  Wooo!  It´s been absolutely gorgeous here in Junín, and everyone has been out on their motorcycles lately.  One of these days I´m going to get a photo of the streets absolutely full of bikes to send home.  It really is something to see.  But anyways, Spring!  Here ¨dia de primavera¨ is actually a pretty big deal.  Everyone has plans to go to the Laguna or lo que sea to spend the day with their family.  Who would have thought.
Anyways, until next week!

Hermana Walton